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How to Get Into Buildings

How to Get Into Buildings

How to Get Into Buildings is a treat for fans of the avant-garde version of boulevard entertainment. — Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

The characters keep refusing to behave in recognizably human ways. — Alexis Soloski, The New York Times

How to Get Into Buildings
By Trish Harnetiaux
Directed by Katie Brook
Produced by New Georges

Roger and Lucy meet at a convention. Daphne and Nick break down at a diner. Ethan reads compulsively from his new hit book. Wait... Who’s calling please? Oh, it’s Mrs. Rheinhart... Everyone knows you were about to disappear...
So sorry, we’re out of fish...

HOW TO GET INTO BUILDINGS takes an exploded view of love: confusion blends with confidence, time keeps shifting, amateurs are experts, and brunch can be fatal.

Sound Designer: Chris Giarmo
Lighting Designer: Josh Smith
Costume Designer: Normandy Sherwood
Set Designer: Katherine Brook
Choreographer: David Neumann
Stage Manager: Jamie Van Dyke

Starring Jess Barbagallo, Mike Iveson, Kristine Haruna Lee, Tina Shepard, Jacob A. Ware, and Stephanie Weeks