Pink Melon Joy

Pink Melon Joy

Pink Melon Joy
By Gertrude Stein
Directed by Katie Brook

Pink Melon Joy is an early Gertrude Stein play never before performed in New York City. The text is a thrilling example of Stein’s “theater of landscape.” Director Katherine Brook’s production takes a strong point of view on Stein’s abstract, fragmented text, interpreting its domestic-centered language as a fanatical pursuit of sweetness amid horror and violence. Moving briskly between war-time testimony, fractured poetry, and oozy baby-talk, the women in Brook’s production are drawn deeper and deeper into the uncanny valley of their femininity, in a world in which good housekeeping is a battlefield and pregnancy is contagious.

Sound designer: Chris Giarmo
Costume designer: Diego Montoya
Set designers: Katherine Brook and Diego Montoya
Lighting designer: Josh Smith
Dramaturge: Shonni Enelow
Assistant Director: G.J. Dowding
Stage Manager: Hannah Johnson-Walsh

Cast: Shonni Enelow, David Frutkoff, Lucy Kaminsky, Catherine Mancuso, Sipiwe Moyo and Alex Spieth

Produced by the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival (2013) and Brave New World Repertory  Theatre at Cloud City in Brooklyn, New York (2014)