She Is King

She Is King

Billie Jean King "seems to morph from tennis star to feminist hero before our eyes."
— Rachel Saltz, New York Times

She Is King
Created by Laryssa Husiak
Directed by Katherine Brook

Husiak’s performance is pitch-perfect and Brook’s staging is crisp…
— Miriam Felton-Dansky, Village Voice

Coinciding the 40th anniversary of the historic “Battle of the Sexes," She Is King is a live performance that uses archival footage to reenact three interviews at pivotal moments in the career of tennis trailblazer Billie Jean King. She Is King captures the legend’s big personality and subtle maneuvers as King manages the pressure of her success and being a women in a field long dominated by men. The use of new interactive media via nine old TV screens magnifies the life of King as a public and private figure, and examines the impact of media on gender, sexuality and celebrity. For touring information please contact Laryssa Husiak.

Set & Lighting designer: Josh Smith
Sound designer:  Chris Giarmo

Cast: Laryssa Husiak, Louisa Bradshaw and Joshua William Gelb

She Is King was originally presented at the Des Moines Social Club in Des Moines, Iowa in June 2013. She Is King premiered in New York in January 2014 for a three-week run at the Incubator Arts Project’s Other Forces Festival. She Is King was developed with the generous support of The Iowa Arts Council, Art Matters Foundation, Yip Harburg Foundation, The Foundation of Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant and over 100 individuals.